Commute Options Week Kicks Off Energy Independence Month


Commute Options Week (COW) is now part of an entourage. Not content to stand alone after 17 years, Commute Options Week will kick off Energy Independence Month, which runs June 18-July 18.

“Our intention is to rally a sense of urgency and empowerment about our nation’s need to transition to a cleaner, energy independent future,” says Shauna Quistorff, director of the Central Oregon Environmental Center.

“Through Energy Independence Month’s action campaigns and educational events, our community can learn to make changes that will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, increase use of renewable energy resources, and help us all understand our impact on global climate change.”

Organizers of Energy Independence Month are encouraging local citizens to commit to reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. Residents are invited to complete an Energy Independence Action Pledge, which is available online at

“Biking, walking, carpooling and tele-working are all good ways to save energy,” says Jeff Monson, Executive Director of Commute Options for Central Oregon. “Reducing the impact of driving alone is just one way that Central Oregonians can become more energy independent.”

The first event for Energy Independence Month is Commute Options Week, slated for June 18-22. As in past years, COW will include the ever-popular Corporate Challenge, in which similar-sized businesses compete to reduce the most vehicle miles throughout the week.

Last year, Deschutes Brewery Pub & Production won the battle of the large sized companies, while Scott Steele Architects took the mid-sized category, and Contemporary Family Dentistry won the small business challenge. The extra-small businesses created a 3-way tie between KPOV, reSource & Bend Downtowners. Businesses who haven’t yet signed up for this year’s Corporate Challenge can do so by contacting Kim Curley or Laurakay Louke at 330-2647. Both companies and individuals are encouraged to learn more about saving solo-driver car trips during Commute Options Week at

For more information about Commute Options, contact Jeff Monson, Executive Director of Commute Options for Central Oregon at 541/330-2647 or visit the web site at


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