Bend’s Cascade Crest Transitions Awarded Research Designation Program Status by the National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs


For its commitment to demonstrating data-driven outcomes, Cascade Crest Transitions in Bend has received the Research Designation Program (RDP) Silver Standard from the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). The RDP designation informs parents and consumers that Cascade Crest Transitions, a program dedicated to helping young people with emotional and behavioral difficulties, has demonstrated valid, data-driven and evidence-based outcomes as determined by a third-party academic institution.

“Cascade Crest Transitions has provided data that evaluate the impact and effectiveness of its school or program,” said Michael Gass, Ph.D., director of the NATSAP Research database located at the University of New Hampshire, who leads the evaluation efforts for the RDP designation. “This data demonstrates that they are deserving of this highly coveted designation.”

“It’s important to note that the RDP designation is not awarded to every NATSAP therapeutic school or program member,” said Gass. “This designation is only granted to those programs conducting an active and valid research program used to guide and evaluate the program’s best practices.

To attain RDP status, a school or program needs to be a NATSAP member, apply for the designation and illustrate that it is supplying data aimed at evaluating its program’s effectiveness. These programs also must prove that they have increased the understanding of the programs’ impact on youth and their families.

“We congratulate Cascade Crest Transitions for achieving this rigorous, highly esteemed honor,” said Megan Stokes, Executive Director, NATSAP. “They demonstrated that they have used data to illustrate outcomes and contributed to the scholarly, professional and practical understanding of the effects of our members’ interventions.”

All 42 NATSAP-member schools and programs receiving the RDP Gold, Silver or Bronze designation will appear on a dedicated NATSAP website page. In addition, they will be listed on a separate page under the RDP designation in the NATSAP Directory. All programs achieving RDP status may use “RESEARCH DESIGNATED PROGRAM” and the logo in their marketing and branding materials.

“We encourage all NATSAP members to consider applying for the RDP designation,” said Stokes.

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