A Legal Ounce of Prevention


It is difficult, if not impossible, to manage a business without having to consult an
attorney at some point. Legal costs are a common business expense. However,
you can lessen these costs by learning more about the laws and practices, which affect your business. One way to do this is by calling Tel-Law at 1-800-452-4776.
Tel-Law is a daily 24-hour information service of the Oregon Bar Association. By simply dialing their toll-free number, businesses can hear recordings on just about any legal topic impacting the marketplace. Business-related topics include incorporation, copyrights, patents, trademarks, employment practices, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, credit and collection practices, landlord/tenant, estate planning, consumer rights, arbitration, mediation, courts, and general business law. Criminal and family law is covered as well should that become a concern for you or your employees.
There is also a lot of information on how to obtain legal counsel or even what to do if you and your attorney have a dispute.

A menu of over 100 law topics is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. A printed Tel-Law directory can be sent to your business by calling another toll-free number at 1-800-452-8260.
Tel-Law is certainly not a substitute for an attorney or intended to train you in the practice of law. However, the more you know about your rights and responsibilities in the business world, the better prepared you are to minimize legal costs, avoid a day in court, and prevent those non-complimentary headlines.

In many ways, a simple call to Tel-Law could prove to be that ounce of prevention instead of a pound of litigated cure. Please note though, Tel-Law is an information service and not a legal advice hotline. Its benefits can vary from learning more about employment at will to dealing with consumer complaints and liabilities. Using this service may not turn you into a legal expert, yet it will make you a whole lot smarter in the management of any business.

Questions & comments for BUSINESS RESOLVE can be directed to the Community Dispute Resolution Program at (541) 383-0187 (Bend), (541) 325-5506 (Madras) or (541) 416-2055 (Prineville).


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