Entering the Job Market Amidst COVID-19 Outbreaks?: Consider These Top 5 In-Demand Jobs


It’s always intimidating to pursue a new career, whether you are just out of college, moving to a new city, or looking for a change of pace. However, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, job-hunting has become increasingly rigorous, even for the most qualified applicants. The economy suffered nearly 13 million job losses since March 2020, and job-seekers soon realized landing a position would take more than a thoughtful resume and a network of contacts.

The pandemic eliminated entire positions at some companies and aided in the creation of jobs at others. Employers report receiving hundreds of applications in response to online postings, which breeds an air of competition and uncertainty among applicants, many of whom have been job hunting for months.

Should you be lucky enough to secure an interview, the process has moved primarily to virtual platforms. Unfortunately, Zoom interviews could be more nerve-wracking for those who lean on first impressions made during an in-person interview.

For those entering the job market in the COVID-19 era, be sure to prepare yourself before you begin your search. Expect the process to take longer than usual, apply for numerous positions, update all your socials and resumes, and research companies that actively recruit employees. Check out the options below if you’re considering applying for an in-demand job but are unaware of your options.

Travel nurse

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a nationwide spike in demand for travel nurses. Salaries for traveling nurses have significantly increased since big cities and hospitals have called upon nurses in droves. Ideal applicants will have a nursing degree, a few years of experience, and the desire for a traveling job.

Additionally, aspiring travel nurses have recently-released tools at their disposal like Fusion Marketplace, an online resource intended to improve a budding healthcare professional’s experience with their staffing agency. These agencies can assist medical professionals seeking a travel job or a long-term position at a hospital, allowing applicants to sidestep significant stressors.

Grocery store employees

Panic-buying was a trend earlier on in the pandemic that caused mass outages of necessary supplies. Although the average customer’s stockpiling has subsided, grocery stores nationwide still struggle to stock shelves and keep up with the new sanitization protocols established in many stores. As demand skyrockets, stores have asked for additional assistance. Grocery positions may offer as much as $12-$15 an hour as a starting wage, ideal for individuals who need a decent-paying job sooner rather than later.


According to Linkedin Business, job postings for receptionists have increased 22x from December 2020-January 2021, placing receptionists at the top spot for most in-demand jobs at the moment.  With tax season on the horizon, many accounting offices may be seeking extra assistance for their busy season. Regardless, if you’re seeking a new job, there’s a good chance an employer near you is looking to fill a receptionist position.

U.S. post office

The shift to working from home and the subsequent holiday season made online shopping more popular than ever. As a result, patrons quickly overran understaffed post office facilities with packages and letters. As mail services continue to increase drastically, your local post office is likely hiring. Because it’s a government position, a post office job will provide you with excellent benefits and job security.

Household cleaning services

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to give you a reason to reconsider the overall cleanliness of your home. Many families have recently invested in household cleaning companies or personal cleaners to maintain their families’ health and safety.

Many have set up shop because of the increased demand for cleaning services, offering clean homes and offices for pay. If you are looking to start your own cleaning company, you’ll need to market to potential clientele and purchase start-up cleaning products, which can be expensive. But once you develop a regular schedule, you will be able to enjoy the flexibility and independence that accompanies entrepreneurship.

Wrapping up

Although entering the job market during a global pandemic can seem daunting, it may be the ideal time to apply. As stay-at-home regulations ease and businesses begin to reopen, opportunities will arise. Additionally, industries hit hard by COVID-19 will be looking for additional help, perfect for job-hungry applicants.


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