Five Fun Work Training Day Ideas


When running a modern office, it is important to combine work and play in a creative way. This is especially important when it comes to team bonding and work training exercises. After all, there can always be the risk of running an event that very few people in your office are actually inspired by and which achieves no real actionable results. This expert guide has been created to help your team make the right decisions when it comes to your team training day. Read on for several ideas that will have your team bonding in a fun way in no time at all.

Office Quiz

There’s nothing that people love more than a pub-style quiz, with thousands taking part in the process virtually during lockdown. Host one in your office and see who is the smartest by asking progressively more difficult questions. You could even ask questions about the company itself in order to get an idea as to who is paying attention to the company culture and who doesn’t seem that bothered. Quizzes promote individual thinking and teamwork, making it a wonderful choice for the whole office.

Inspirational Speeches

Training needn’t be dry or filled with technical terms. Instead, it could be worth bringing in an inspirational speaker who knows the ins and outs of business success. A motivational speaker can help to get the team pumped, convey ideas that some team members couldn’t grasp before and help you to build a framework that can be developed over upcoming weeks. Take a look around to find a speaker who can help to inspire your team today.

Team Meal

Sometimes the best ideas and most valuable insights come over a hot meal. If you want your employees to bond properly and hash out their ideas in a relaxing space, it might be worth making a block booking at a particularly nice restaurant to help them to easily achieve that aim. Make sure to look for a restaurant that can offer a discount if you make a large booking. Whatever you do, don’t make your employees pay a dime.

Plan a Hike

Hiking is a great way to clear the mind and come up with fresh ideas, meaning that a team can easily bond while feeling fit at the same time. The important part to remember here is not everybody will have the same level of fitness or ability and should be accommodated accordingly. The best idea would be to separate the hikes into different distances that different members of the team believe that they could manage.

Pitching Competition

To help inspire new ideas within your office, it is a great idea to have an internal pitching session. Tell every one of your employees to come up with an idea that could help the office and the ways that it could inspire change. Make sure that you tell them that there are no bad ideas on this day and you will be surprised by the immense creativity that they will have on offer. Afterwards, you may be able to fold the best idea into your company, giving you new innovations basically for free.


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