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Are you interested in innovation and cost savings? Find help, incentives and hope at the annual Go Clean Energy Conference. All events are free and virtual! Thirty speakers in 12 webinars will help business, individuals and government learn how to deploy clean energy and overall resource efficiency and resiliency. Businesses will learn from national experts on how to “boost the bottom line with sustainable actions, just by using their intangible assets, like reputation….” You’ll hear about the latest trends with electric vehicles, electric bikes and transportation options and so much more. Don’t miss it. The virtual launch is at noon on September 15 with daily webinars beginning the week of September 28.

Event: Go Clean Energy Conference, free virtual event
Dates: Launch September 15 with daily webinars beginning the week of September 28
Contact: Diane Hodiak
Phone: 206-498-5887
Email: dhodiak@350Deschutes.org
Website: gocleanenergy.org/2020-schedule
Bitly link: bit.ly/2QykLUh

Optimizing Crisis to Address Climate Change
September 15, 12-2pm
Arlene Burns, mayor of Mosier, and Eileen Kiely — both running for state offices — join Diane Hodiak, 350Deschutes executive director, to launch the Go Clean Energy conference. They’ll share successes in finding economic opportunities to combat climate change. The webinar will focus on bringing people together to collaborate on rural issues and solutions.

Day 1
Climate Change: Why We Need an Everything Strategy Systems Approach
September 28, 12-2pm
Dr Alan Journet will discuss Why we Need an Everything Strategy and how the New
Oregon Climate Plan benefits rural and urban areas. Retired NOAA scientist William
Knight will share the ENROADS FREE policy tool to educate policymakers and leaders while showing the value of reducing emissions from various alternatives.

September 28, 3-5pm
Zero Net Energy Homes are being built affordably. National green building appraisal expert, Sandra Adomatis, will discuss the benefits for builders. Learn about financing efficiency projects with the Green Choice mortgage from Freddie Mac lender, Dennis Smith. Peter Grube, Northwest AeroBarrier, will share his success building high-performance homes affordably.

Day 2
Electric Vehicles: Charging, Fleets and Feasibility
Ebikes: Incentives, Policy and Adaptive Uses

September 29, 12-3pm
Jeff German, National Car Charging, will present the future of electric vehicles and selecting chargers for home, business, governments and long-distance traveling. Expanding uses and options for ebikes will be demonstrated by Sterling McCord, Bend Electric Bikes. PSU Sustainable Transportation Manager, John MacArthur, will highlight ebike financial incentives and benefits. 

Transportation: Multimodal, Carpool Options to Benefit Everyone
September 29, 3-5pm
Kim Curley, Commute Options, will share resources and employee incentives to reduce driving. “Get There,” a carpool matching application, will be explained by Emma Geurts, Gear Fix. Amanda Pietz and Geoff Crook, ODOT Climate Office, will discuss climate change prevention and planning for electric vehicles, clean fuels and climate resiliency. 

Day 3
CPACE: Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy for Commercial, Industrial Buildings
September 30, 10am-12pm
John Wasiutynski, Office of Sustainability director, and Silvia Tanner, senior sustainability analyst, Multnomah County, explain the benefits of CPACE: Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy. It operates in 34 states, including Oregon, and is an economic driver. It offers commercial and manufacturing building owners lower interest financing for improvements.

Build Your Business with Sustainability: Examples Small to Large
September 30, 12-3pm
Dr. CB Bauttacharya, world-renowned expert on sustainability and author of the book Small Actions, Big Difference, will discuss and give examples of how businesses of all sizes can use their intangible assets, like reputation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, while building their firm’s value. Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering will talk about their book, Putting Soul Into Business: How the Benefit Corporation is Transforming American Business and 25 Building Blocks to Create a Conscientious Organization. 

Solar Within Reach: Affordable Homes, Microgrids and Resiliency for Government and Business
September 30, 3-5pm
Learn about incentives SunLight Solar and Habitat for Humanity used for a local Net Zero subdivision and what’s available for individuals and multi-family dwellings. AMERESCO will showcase projects leveraging budget neutral solutions and resiliency to eliminate financial barriers to renewable and efficiency projects, including energy savings performance contracts and PPAs.

Parkway Village Project
Joe Mazzarella, Sunlight Solar
Jacob Clark, Habitat for Humanity

Day 4
Beneficial Electrification: Rocky Mountain Institute’s Research and Analyses
October 1, 10am-12pm
Why electrify? Health, comfort, cost and climate. Sneha Ayyagari and Leah Prescott share Rocky Mountain Institute’s case studies demonstrating benefits of individual and government building electrification and the importance of efficiency and load flexibility. “Appliance Whisperer” and Executive Chef Rachelle Boucher will share tips and benefits of electric

Green Registry: Tracking and Benefits of Clean Energy Retrofits
October 1, 12-2pm
David Heslam, Earth Advantage Institute, is busting myths about making older homes more energy efficient. What can be done that actually works?,” “How can I afford that work?,” “Is it worth it to make these improvements?” and “Won’t programs to promote energy efficiency hurt low-income people more than it helps?” are questions he will address.

Building High-Performance Homes: Pathways to Net Zero Energy
October 1, 3-5pm
What’s it like building net zero energy homes? Learn from trailblazing experts: Donald MacOdrum of TRC Companies, Perry Brooks of NZ Development and Jesse Russell, Hiatus Homes. They’ll share their experiences of building homes that are healthy for the planet and their customers and incentives they’ve used to keep it cost-effective.

Day 5
Helping Cities Go Low Carbon and Wrap-up Keynote
October 2, 10am-12pm

Yuning Liu, of the prestigious Rocky Mountain Institute, will discuss how governments can procure renewable energy and share tools and resources to make it easy. The Go Clean Energy conference will wrap up with Dechutes County Commissioner candidate Phil Chang discussing how clean energy and efficiency create jobs and prosperity.



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