Green Tour Kicks Off with Keynote Speaker


Destination Zero: Buildings as a catalyst to a clean energy reality

The 18th Annual Green Tour will kick off on Thursday, September 27 from 6:30-8pm at Worthy Brewing with a discussion that will focus on re-thinking how our interactions with our buildings contribute to our community’s climate action planning.

In Bend, 57 percent of our community’s carbon emissions come from the built environment. However, our buildings don’t have to be tied to this fate of negative impacts—there are already real-world examples that demonstrate the many opportunities to change how our buildings use energy and even bring their energy use to zero—including examples right here in Bend.

Andrew Lee will take us on a journey to understand how we can get started on the path to zero energy and bring zero carbon buildings to scale, and the triple-bottom-line case for why getting to zero is an opportunity to support a thriving community and economy in Bend.

This is a pivotal time for Bend—our climate legacy is being written right now as we dig into our very own climate action plan. This discussion is just one step in helping our community explore all of the opportunities, big and small, to get Bend on the path to a low-carbon, clean energy future.

Real change happens when individuals come together in local communities to take bold action. The Environmental Center invites you to join them for this keynote presentation on Thursday, September 27 and the Green Tour on Saturday, September 29 so you can be a well-informed player that helps shape Bend’s climate legacy.

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