Filing for a patent could be a tedious process because you need to ensure that the application documents are well-crafted and that they have no room for ambiguity. The documents should be correct, accurate and they should encapsulate all the ingenuities of the invention to prevent other people from stealing the concept. A patent lawyer is a useful resource who can assist you in preparing the application. He can conduct the patent proceedings in United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well. 

If you are thinking of filing for a patent, here’s how you can find the best Orange County patent attorney:

Look for the experts 

It would be best to consider an attorney who could enforce and defend the patent in court. Not all lawyers focus on both aspects. Hiring a patent attorney who also specializes in proceedings can provide a foundation for your business to stay unhampered. If you have plans to expand your business in another country, you must ascertain the lawyer’s experience in international law because patent laws differ in every country. Make sure you determine your lawyer’s  knowledge within the jurisdictions you intend to do business in.

Your attorney should have good reputation 

Aside from expertise, an honorable name or image is an essential characteristic a lawyer must possess. It must not be for one legal executive alone, but the entire law firm as well. Moreover, your lawyer ought to have a good relationship with the USPTO. Additionally, he ought to be willing to perform some analysis and other tasks that will be necessary to assure the application’s approval.

He/she has to have the right credentials 

Make sure that you are hiring a patent attorney who is duly registered to practice before the USPTO. He ought to have passed the patent test known as the “Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases Before the USPTO.” In addition to this credential, he must also be knowledgeable in technical sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, or engineering) to allow him to grasp the complexity of your invention.  

He should be client-focused 

A good rapport is essential to make sure that you will have a good lawyer-client relationship. A patent lawyer ought to be engaged in the process and should have undivided attention to his client. He ought to specialize in being attentive to his client while he explains the details of his creation. He ought to know the nuances of your invention. He ought to be ready to justify it in a manner that could be easily understood.   

He/she has to be tenacious and dedicated 

Since it was designed to cater to all types of industries, a patent application has many facets. Not all patent lawyers have an intensive background in all fields.  However, he ought to be willing to go the extra mile to gather relevant information. He should strive his best to gain knowledge in areas he is not familiar with.  He should have the diligence in preparing all the requirements, as well.

Now that you recognize the qualities of the best patent attorney, you must meet with potential professionals and interview them before engaging their services. Do not hesitate to ask questions so that you can gauge the level of experience and expertise that your potential patent lawyer possesses in your field. Remember, your patent lawyer should understand your invention or your product the way that you as its inventor does.


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