How to strengthen your brand: 6 strategies to increase brand awareness


Brand awareness is one of the critical areas of your business that you have to invest, improve and work more on. Even though you provide the best products in the market, it still would not matter if people are not aware of it.

Given that brand awareness is just as important as a sales pitch, you need to let the people know that the products from your brand line are high quality. That being said, you need to have a solid brand awareness strategy so that potential customers would be more engaged and trusting of your brand.

With that, we have provided a few tips on how you can increase awareness for your brand, especially in this day and age.

Identify your target market

If you are still at the onset of your business, then it would be best to start identifying your target market first. Since budget and time constraints would not allow you to reach everyone with your brand message, we highly suggest you find a niche that is best suited for the products and services you offer. This way, when you deliver your brand message to them, you have a much higher chance of turning them into a buying customer.

Apart from that, finding a target market would also allow you to get to know the preference and even buying behavior of your target customer. Having this knowledge is especially useful for startups or new businesses like you because you would be able to tailor-fit or adjust your branding and marketing strategy based on that.

To identify your target market, we highly suggest you to conduct market research and analyze the product or services you would offer. This way, you can reach a consensus as to who or what groups would greatly benefit from your brand message (or marketing strategy).

Get to know your competitors

Getting to know your competitors is one of the ways you can identify your target market as well. By simply at other companies who offer the same products or services, you would be able to know which group or subgroups you should be targeting. Even though we still highly suggest you to conduct your own market research, looking at your competitors’ niche is one of the shortcuts and easiest ways to identify your target market.

Other than that, once you know who your competitors are, you would be able to come up with a more comprehensive and detailed marketing strategy. Doing this would allow you to focus more on how you could strengthen your brand and how you can make your products/services stand out from a sea of competitors.

Since having a brand awareness strategy can enable you to get ahead of your competitors, we recommend you visit online communities, social media, forums, and so on to understand what has been buzzing and what the customers have been interested in lately.

Hold or host an event

A well-planned and executed event can win you some leads and even buy customers in the long run. Events are a perfect way to create buzz and increase awareness for your brand. Whether it is a convention with trade show models, conferences with prominent people, or even an online webinar with a few influencers, events would surely start the ball rolling and get people excited over your new products or services.

Through brand-building events like these, your potential customers would be able to get up close with your products and test them for themselves. On top of that, it would also allow you to create stronger and more meaningful relationships with your customers. You would be able to listen to their comments and even talk to them in person as well.

Utilize social media

According to CBN, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok are some of the most downloaded apps worldwide. That being said, almost everyone now has at least one account on one of the social media platforms.

With numbers and information like this, it gives startups and business owners like you a chance to reach a new market you have not reached before. Since social media platforms are composed of several types of audience/market waiting to be explored, it is a perfect place to start building your brand.

Have a brand ambassador

When we say brand ambassadors, it does not automatically mean that they have to be influencers or prominent people. Brand ambassadors can be anyone who can vouch, advocate, and represent your product positively and whole-heartedly. Whether they are someone who wears fashionable clothes like cashmere sweaters by Brochu to network or someone who does not always go out to network, it is up to you to decide.

You just need to have someone who would represent your brand, someone who is approachable, pleasing, and people can easily turn to when people have some questions about our brand.

Build an online presence

All in all, most of the tips that we mentioned above are general and apply to any startups and businesses, even from different generations.

However, since we are in the age of digitalization and globalization, marketers and even business owners today highly encouraged startups to build their online presence. Given that people mostly search for products or services online before buying anything, you have to make sure that your online presence is always great.

Besides, building an online presence has been one of the prerequisites for most businesses nowadays. It has now become a tool to prove your legitimacy with your potential customers.

With that, we hope we managed to impart a few tips and useful insights on how you can increase brand awareness. We trust that these tips are enough to help you kickstart your brand awareness strategy for your business.


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