How to Turn Text into a Web Design Element


What is the role of text on your website or landing page? It welcomes the users to the page, educates them about your service or product, and creates a unique tone that makes users understand your values and beliefs. As you can see, the text is an extremely important tool. Then why are there so many designers who do not consider it at all when creating digital products?

Professional web design agencies in San Francisco often integrate text in the last stages of development. It has to adapt to design somehow. However, if text plays such an important role, it should be considered an integral element of website design. Let’s see how you can use it to make a better website in greater detail.

Tips on how to improve the role of text on your web page

Now let us talk about how to make a text an element of design and let it become more readable. 


Copywriters often have to squeeze important information into blocks because they need to fill in the empty spaces of the ready design. Sometimes the blocks are too large, so they have to add unnecessary words to fill it up. 

However, if the website is an instrument of converting users into clients or explaining your brand, placing quality copy is much more important there than trying to fit your idea in the desired number of words. 

Therefore, bay area website designers should collaborate with the writers in the early stages to create designs that highlight valuable pieces of text.


It is believed that lines that comprise 35–95 characters are easier to read. The number of characters and the font-size determine the maximum line width. The preferable size is 18-19 pixels.

Line spacing should then correlate with the font size in the proportion of 3 to 1. This adds enough space so that it would be easy for the reader to follow the text. 

The reader should clearly understand when the paragraph has ended. To calculate the distance between paragraphs, we multiply the leading by two. It is also worth considering the number of lines in the paragraph. 5-6 lines are usually believed to be a perfect number.


The role of custom-made fonts in composing corporate identity is sometimes underestimated. However, even small details are important when you create your brand. It is the brand that motivates customers to make decisions in their favor. A large part of this decision lies in the area of subconsciousness. So using a unique font definitely helps users remember you better.


The font should be contrasted with the background. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to read. The contrast ratio is calculated based on the difference in brightness between two adjacent colors on the screen. The range of values ​​goes from 1 to 21. The higher the value, the higher the contrast. There are many tools available online for calculating the contrast ratio of the two colors.

It is good if the subheadings differ from the headings in style and size as well.

Text structure

Reading on the web is called skimming: we do not read every word carefully but rather scan through the page.

Therefore, the structure of the text should be understandable. If a person has not read the whole article but found the answer to their question in it, this means that you did your job well. 

Break your text into paragraphs, add visible subheaders that review the main point of the paragraph, and use pictures to illustrate them, especially if the article is large. 


People like images more than they like texts. That’s because our brain processes graphic information better since it was more important for our survival as a species. At the same time, a huge number of important ideas and tasks cannot be expressed by pictures alone, so we have to convey these ideas using text.

Use images to attract attention and create associations. Let them complement the text, not overpower it.


Text is part of the design, just like images, videos, and animations. It helps to communicate with your clients, tell them about what you have to offer, and motivate them to buy from you or collaborate. Highlight the important information via effective web design and let good copy bring value to your business.


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