Hydaway in Bend, Oregon. This Pocket-Sized Water Bottle Good for You & The Planet


If you are anything like the typical on-the-go American, you consume and dispose of 167 plastic water bottles per year. But despite our best intentions, nearly 80 percent of the water bottles we consume each year end up in a landfill, where they could remain for up to 700 years before decomposing. Now one water bottle company vows to put an end to the waste by offering a healthier and more convenient alternative to disposable plastic: The totally unique, Hydaway Collapsible Bottle.

Whether you are running errands, hitting the trail, or boarding your flight, a Hydaway bottle can be carried with you for when you need it most. Designed for an active lifestyle, Hydaway bottles are compact, folding down to just over one inch to easily fit in a pocket, backpack, or carry on –nearly anywhere.

No more buying expensive and environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles. The Hydaway bottle can go with you wherever you go. The benefits of the Hydaway are more than just environmental, says Hydaway inventor Niki Singlaub. It’s also better for you. “As a frequent flier, I struggled with staying hydrated while on the go without resorting to expensive bottled water or sugary drinks from the store,” said Singlaub.

“The Hydaway replaces the need for plastic bottles, and also prevents me and my family from reaching for sodas or
sports drinks simply out of convenience.” Made from food-grade silicone, Hydaway bottles are 100 percent BPA free, eliminating the risk of consuming harmful chemicals that come with traditional plastic bottles. The bottles are also taste and odor free, which means your water will always taste as pure as when it went in. Dishwasher safe, Hydaway bottles can be easily cleaned and sanitized, unlike some reusable bottles that run the risk of harboring bacteria.

“The Hydaway really is a great alternative to the disposable plastic bottle. It’s good for you and the environment!”

With the bottles extensively tested and approved by the most active users, Hydaway bottles will be available for pre-order through Kickstarter in April.



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