Innovate, ‘Security for Life’ Partners with E::SPACE Labs to Create DIY Magnetic Mount


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Local Father/Son Team Engineer & Patent Design in Response to Demand for DIY Smart Home & Security Solutions

The pandemic continues, and people are still at home — alone with their thoughts on all of the things to do to make home safer, more livable and secure. Add to that a growing trend toward do-it-yourself (DIY) domestic improvement projects and, well, it’s been the inspiration for a new smart home and security technology created by local Bend inventor Graham Hausler.

A national home security expert, Hausler and his son, Logan, got busy brainstorming not only the next-generation in home and office security technology, but an innovative DIY installation option to make smart home solutions easy, intuitive and affordable for everyone right now. 

The team imagined a magnetic mounting system that eliminates wall damage and cuts DIY installation time in half. While the Hauslers had this creative idea that would ease the way users install home security technology, the question became: How would they physically design the mechanics and engineering of the prototype to get it to market?

Enter E::SPACE Labs

The father/son team took their product idea to Central Oregon’s electronic design and technology incubator, E::SPACE Labs, a regional electronic co-working space for engineers, inventors, product developers, makers and creative minds. Founded by Rick Silver and David Robson in June of 2015, E::SPACE was launched to assist individuals and companies of all sizes in developing technological prototypes, and also to educate those with an interest in electronic and electro-mechanical hardware design. 

With a team of electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers — in addition to four 3D printers for 3D modeling, Eagle CAD (a scriptable electronic design automation application), among other devices — the lab offers a convenient solution for hardware-design entrepreneurs like the Hauslers to take the first step into a professional engineering environment. 

“E::SPACE has been very helpful filling the gaps in the design-engineering process and in getting patents turned into products — they bring bright minds together, allowing concepts to become reality,” says Hausler. “I am looking forward to working with E::SPACE on my most recently filed patent, which focuses on streamlining the intersection between security technology convergence and artificial intelligence.”

The team at E::SPACE brought in a senior engineer to come up with details, drawings and manufacturing capabilities and different requirements for the product. A key component of the design was to foresee any challenge a do-it-yourself home installer might face — and perfect the product for the ease of the user. Bam! A patent-pending prototype has been born and is already on the market at Innovate, Security for Life. 

“Graham brought us a very clever solution to ease the pain of DIY installation of smart home and security technology. We think the magnetic mount is a fantastic solution and we jumped at the opportunity to work with the Innovate Security team to create the strongest, most durable device,” said Robson. “Our 3D printing process for the prototype created a big advantage, offering immediate feedback, where traditional ‘old-school’ design prototypes might be actually physically molded, which could take weeks. We had a smooth working model in relatively short order.”

Not your father’s home security system

Innovate now offers an affordable home and office security and family safety option with the smart technology to enable an online custom system configurator that comes fully loaded and recognizes all home security zones right out of the box. Hausler credits his son’s knowledge of physics and technology as instrumental in turning a concept into a best-in-class security solution featuring:

  • Customized components for the home and office
  • Easy, intuitive installation
  • Comprehensive protection from intrusion 
  • Sensors for life-threatening event like smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Monitors for aging parents and relatives
  • Control over environmental catastrophes like fire, floods or freezing
  • Online programming
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Trusted home security experience
  • Unparalleled service

“The more time we spend at home — whether living in an apartment, townhome, dormitory, suburban home in the country or urban home in the city — the more we believe consumers are looking at ways to protect their families and property from intrusion and life-threatening mishaps,” says Hausler. “We want more people to have access to such a flexible, affordable and comprehensive protection device for any living situation, literally a preprogrammed, turnkey, easy-to-install option for anybody.”

What sets Innovate apart from the competition is not only the ease of installation thanks to the strong magnetic mounts, but its panel features with smart security components, touch-screen management, video monitoring, hazard detection and Bluetooth disarming capabilities, all updated and managed online by the user. Innovate solutions come fully encrypted with technology that cannot be hacked or disarmed by intruders eliminating vulnerabilities to data obtrusion. 

About Innovate

Innovate, Security for Life, was inspired by a simple concept: use innovation to provide professional-grade life safety and security products for home and business, and to offer continued support and help customers save money through DIY installation. With a market that is quickly transitioning, we have re-engineered professional-grade, cutting-edge systems for easy installation by our customers. The kits we offer are not entry-level products. Innovate has engineered them to be the most advanced, easiest to install and fully expandable in their class. This is a comprehensive professional offer unlike any other on the market. Our mission is to build lifelong relationships with our customers. We provide ‘Security for Life.’ • 503-799-2220


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