Local Authors Release a New Book Helping People Get the Most Value from Life Insurance Policies That Are No Longer Needed


Local wealth advisors David Rosell and Rodney Cook are releasing a new book, In the Know — Turning Your Unwanted Life Insurance Policy Into Serious Cash. The goal of the book is to help life insurance policyholders maximize the value of policies they no longer need.

Each year, more than $112 billion in life insurance (face value) is allowed to lapse or is surrendered by individuals over age 65¹. Up to 90 percent of life insurance policies never pay a death benefit. Rosell & Cook hope to change that.

It’s amazing how many people are unaware of something that can be such a huge windfall towards their retirement income,” says Rosell. “I feel a huge sense of urgency and responsibility about getting the message out to those who are at or near retirement.”

Rosell and Cook are committed to educating people about their options so they can make sound financial decisions about their future. In The Know will help individuals make informed decisions concerning unwanted life insurance policies.

The book covers topics such as:

  • When it makes sense to keep a life insurance policy and when it’s time to let it go
  • Four options policyholders have when they no longer want or need their policies
  • How the process of selling an existing life insurance policy works
  • How to get the most money from your life insurance policy if you decide to sell it

In the Know does a wonderful job of outlining how the little-known financial transaction of life settlement, when it fits, can make a huge difference in clients’ lives. I highly recommend the book for anyone considering what to do with a life policy that has outlived its need or that has become unaffordable.” ~ Lawrence J. Rybka JD, CFP, CEO Valmark Financial Group, co-author of Life Insurance 10X and Tools & Techniques of Life Settlements.

Whether you decide to keep or surrender your life insurance policy, In the Know will give you the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your situation.

In the Know — Turning Your Unwanted Life Insurance Policy Into Serious Cash is available on Amazon and at the Redmond Airport.

¹From Valmark Securities, Creating Value out of an Existing Life Insurance Policy,brochure.

Valmark Securities supervises all life settlements like a security transaction and its’ registered representatives act as brokers on the transaction and may receive a fee from the purchaser. Once a policy is transferred, the policy owner has no control over subsequent transfers and may be required to disclose additional information later. If a continued need for coverage exists, the policy owner should consider the availability, adequacy and cost of the comparable coverage. A life settlement transaction may require an extended period to complete and result in higher costs and fees due to their complexity. Policy owners considering the need for cash should consider other less costly alternatives. A life settlement may affect the insured’s ability to obtain insurance in the future and the seller’s eligibility for certain public assistance programs. When an individual decides to sell their policy, they must provide complete access to their medical history, and other personal information.

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