Myths About Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormones are chemical messengers that are responsible for most important functions in human body. Disbalanced endocrine profile can result in various types of health problems.

That is why many people today consult the doctors and decide to undergo the hormone replacement therapy. To do it, you need to contact a reputable clinic. Have a look at Contact information to find a good one. However, lots of potential patients are afraid of such therapy because they believe in numerous myths about hormones and endocrine system.


Truths and Untruths About the HRT

As the hormone replacement therapy became popular due to its efficiency, there appeared various myths about it. These myths usually ground on simple guessing. Here are some of them:

  • “The replacement is not safe”. This is the most common myth. The therapy that is conducted by an experienced doctor is totally safe. The patient only has to be sure that the doctor is highly qualified. He has to examine the patient’s condition in detail before starting the therapy.
  • “The patient can get cancer because of the replacement”. Not at all. The treatment does not influence the body in oncogenic way. The reason why this myth has appeared is that during a thorough medical examination, small tumours may be revealed. However, in this case this is only positive, because cancer will be treated earlier.
  • “Hormone therapy is only to cure the symptoms when they are present”. Truth. To prove that the symptoms indicate onto endocrine system dysfunction, medical screening is needed. No endocrine disbalance – no hormone replacement therapy.
  • “Hormone replacement is only for women with menopause”. No. Anyone, both male or female, can get a disbalance at any age.
  • “Synthetic hormones treatments is better than natural”. No. Some people share this belief. For many, treatment with synthetic hormones seems to be better tested. On the contrary, bioidentical HRT is better than therapy provided with help of synthetic chemicals.
  • “HRT does not influence weight”. That depends. Certain HRT provokes specific changes in human body. The patient may gain weight in the form of fat tissue, but this may be a healthy reaction of the body. Other patients, on the other hand, may at last be able to gain muscle mass.
  • “After menopause there is no need to continue the treatment”. That is incorrect. To maintain health in older age, hormone therapy, if has been applied before, should be continued. To keep the positive result gained before, post-therapy care is crucial.

These are some of the most widespread myths about hormone replacement therapy. If you find the right doctor for the therapy, you will find out more about issues in your particular case.


Specialist To Address For Efficient HRT

The myths about the hormone replacement therapy exist because this is a sensitive issue and addresses a profound range of health problems, that may seem not connected. In addition, the majority of people are not even close to understanding how hormones work. Modern hormone replacement therapy became so successful due to its efficiency, but some clinics are unfair about their services and employ doctors who are not experienced enough. This, together with mass ignorance, causes the myths.

Here are some tips how to choose a good doctor for the therapy:

  • He has to possess proper certification. Today, the science of hormone replacement evolves very quickly. The doctor has to be posted about all the innovations, improve their knowledge on a regular basis and have the most recent certificates.
  • He has to conduct a full medical screening of the client prior to treatment. In order to conduct the HTR successfully, the doctor has to dose the medication in the right way. He has to know in detail the condition of patient’s’ body.
  • He has to offer pre and post therapy care. The therapy is not a one stage process. It requires pre-care and post-care as the essential steps to health improvement.

Choosing hormone replacement therapy clinic requires from the patient a full understanding what the procedure is really about. Only in this case it is possible to choose the right doctor and the appropriate clinic for hormone replacement therapy.



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