Should Stock Traders Join the National Institute for Cannabis Investors Program?


Cannabis has proven to be one of the most invested-in stocks in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s become one of the lowest risk and fastest growing investment opportunities in the full of the trading industry, and has represented a turning point for investors. That’s what prompted the formation of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors– and they’ve proven over the past number of years they are an expert in their field and that they can help stock traders generate money if they follow their advice. But should stock traders really join them?

Publisher Mike Ward first began work for the institute before the 2016 US Presidential election, and published his findings directly before it took place. He and his analysists published findings on what they believed to be the 30 best cannabis stocks, and in the months that followed every single one of them increased. Some even soared by triple digit gains, soaring as high as 1800%. However, this research paved the way for scam companies to try and take advantage of stock traders’ growing interest in the cannabis market and extort money for their own personal gain.

This is where the National Institute for Cannabis Investors differs- their main aim is to “give investors the information, access, and guidance needed to make a fortune” in the cannabis market, as stated on their website.

Joining the National Institute for Cannabis Investors will allow you to take tips from three newsletters which anchor their service. The “Cannabis Profits Daily” newsletter is a free, daily newsletter which keeps all of its readers and investors aware of any breaking news, market movements and profit opportunities which arise. Their advertising team states the following about the newsletter:

“As a subscriber, we will walk you through the ins-and-outs of cannabis investing, making this rapidly evolving sector approachable for every investor. Whether you’re just starting out or planning your retirement, your membership to Cannabis Profits Daily gives you actionable information you need to break into this lucrative industry. That means you get daily updates to help you make big gains… earn above average income on your money… get insider tips and stock recommendations, track the latest investments in cannabis, and even learn how to protect yourself from market volatility. In all, we are going to show you how to conquer this market together.”

Another newsletter which becomes available upon joining the National Institute for Cannabis Investors is “Cannabis Investors Report”. Similarly to Cannabis Profits Daily, this newsletter’s biography holds its team in very high esteem.

“There has never been an opportunity like the one we have today with cannabis. Never before has a multi-billion dollar industry emerged so quickly. Never before has the average investor held such an advantage over the large Wall Street banks. And, more importantly, never before has the path to real, life-altering wealth in the stock market been so obvious, if you know where to invest.

That’s where the Cannabis Investor’s Report comes in.

With Speaker Boehner and Danny Brody’s help, we’ve assembled the most successful cannabis CEOs and investors in modern history. As well as the most politically connected players in this industry. For the first time ever, we’ve all joined forces.

Our members have inside access to industry experts like Avtar Dhillon – the first chairman of the Cannabis Canada Association. Dr. Michael Dor, the senior advisor on cannabis research for the Israeli Ministry of Health. And John Vardaman, a senior lawyer in the Department of Justice for Presidents Bush and Obama, who drafted the Cole Memo that said the federal government wouldn’t go after states that legalize cannabis.”

The final anchor newsletter linked to the program which can provide you with very important information is “The Cannabis IPO Insider”.

“As the cannabis market in the United States starts to take shape and head toward the full legalization, we are seeing an enormous wave of U.S. cannabis companies going public. Our team here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors projects 35 cannabis companies will IPO over the next month and a half.

That’s nearly one a day for the next month and a half. And they’ll be followed by another group right after them. And another right after them.

And for smart investors who got in on IPO day, the short-term gains can be incredible.

This year, investors in The Green Organic Dutchman made 231% in little over one month.”

More and more states in America are legalising cannabis, which is helping to fuel the uncontrollable rush to purchase stocks before it’s too late and while their prices are still at a premium. This is what people at the National Institute know, and that’s why they’re able to provide such accurate information on the subject. Their yearly investment subscription is between $39 and $129, so you can decide what kind of subscription suits you best. These offer very competitive rates in comparison to the kinds of money you could make by investing in the stocks they recommend. This has been shown by the results they have produced from years of hardcore research.

Of course, as with all stocks, signing up for this program doesn’t come without risks. It’s never as easy as signing up for a news source like this and becoming rich overnight; you have to work hard, study the industry, keep up to date with news and follow the advice given to you diligently. However, this is the case with any kind of stock and you shouldn’t be put off by the risk factor alone. In fact, with the way the cannabis industry is headed at the moment, you’re probably quite likely to make at least a bit of money.

With that being the case, it’s a common verdict that joining the National Institute for Cannabis Investors if you’re looking for the best, up-to-date advice on what stocks to invest in. With a number of newsletters available upon joining and constant research taking place from their team, you can always count on there being plenty of useful tips at your disposal.


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