TEC: We’re Fired Up to Continue Our Work with a Renewed Sense of Purpose & Urgency 


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This election year has brought with it a global pandemic, unprecedented drought, temperatures and wildfires and yet another tipping point in the fight for social justice in our country. With continued dysfunction in Salem and DC, it has challenged communities across our state and nation to find local solutions that uphold and advance the values we hold.

Our team has been evaluating how, during a time of sustained crisis, our programs and facility space can better serve and support our neighbors. Like many local organizations and businesses, we’re partnering with others and learning as we go so that The Environmental Center can contribute to region-wide solutions that advance our mission and meet community needs.

Your support is critical to our success. 

We know these are tough times for everyone, albeit in different ways for each of us. If you’re in a place of stability this fall, will you consider supporting The Environmental Center with a monthly donation? Your monthly donation will give us the financial stability we need to grow our education programs and advocacy work across Central Oregon.

Become a monthly supporter here: envirocenter.org/recurring-donation.

The process to set up recurring donations is simple and fast. Once you’re enrolled, we’ll automatically receive your gift each month and you’ll receive an annual thank-you letter and receipt after the new year.

*If you are already a current member of The Environmental Center, thank you! Please keep an eye out for a more personalized email that will explain how you can increase your monthly gift or switch from annual donor to monthly donor.*

By October 16, our goal is to enroll 50 new supporters in our monthly donation program. Are you able to commit today? Thank you for considering a monthly investment. ANY amount makes a big difference. With your help, we’ll stay on track to advance meaningful change in Central Oregon and beyond.



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