UGears Wooden Puzzles – the Ukrainian startup with a worldwide popularity


UGears is a company that creates unique 3d wooden puzzles of the highest quality. It operates over 5 years and belongs to the Ukrainian Bridge LLC.

Assortment and Peculiarities

The manufacturer offers a wide variety of products. Currently, there are over 80 3d puzzles available on the website. The prices range from $9,90 to $195,70 per one model. Each wooden puzzle may contain up to 850 details. You may choose them according to the level of difficulty (hard, intermediate, or easy) or assembly time (from 20 minutes to 16 hours approximately).

When ordering any model, you get a ready-made set of cut-out parts. By correctly assembling all of them, you will create a mechanical moving toy. Although puzzles are usually bought for children, you can also find UGears 3d puzzles for adults. To do it, follow Each model has a recommended build age. For example, one of the bestsellers, the Amber Box model, consists of 189 details; it has an easy difficulty level and approximate time of assembly from 1 to 3 hours. It is recommended for children 14 years and older.

The Main Benefits

  • Natural origin. All puzzles are completely safe. All of them are made of natural wood. You do not have to apply glue or other chemicals to connect the details. Thus, they can be used even by little kids.

  • Free delivery. If you want to buy wooden puzzles in the USA, you may choose any model on the website and it will be delivered for free. The shipping time is from 2 to 5 business days depending on the state.

  • Guarantee. UGears provides a 1-year guarantee for all puzzles. If any parts are broken, stratified, or dirty, you can change the product within a year. If one or several details are defective, you can always replace them.

  • Attractive bonus. In addition to regular seasonal promotions, the service also offers a discount of 10% off for the first order. You just have to subscribe to the website and get a personal offer!



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