Use These Tips to Improve Your Keyword Research


There are incredible benefits when you use the right keywords for your business. SEO is still one of the most effective ways to get more people to your business and good SEO requires using the most appropriate keywords for your products and services.

The problem is that many businesses aren’t leveraging the right tools to help them be strategic in their keyword efforts. This goes for finding keywords for Google, Pinterest, Etsy, and even Amazon. All of these sites use similar principles when it comes to keywords and too many people rush the process and limit their reach as a result. Here are some important tips to help you improve your keyword research.

Learn How to Brainstorm Effectively

The time spent on brainstorming will help you save countless hours later and help you be more efficient in your business and branding efforts. When you have a product, it’s important to think of not only what it is, but also what it does. Brainstorming these thoughts can help you come up with keywords that real people think of when they need your product. For instance, some people may not think of the word zest when they are looking for a lemon zester. They might think of something like “what’s a lemon peel scraper called?” Your keywords might look like lemon zester and lemon peel scraper. But to figure out what real people are looking for, a keyword research tool will be your most effective option.

Use a Keyword Research Tool

While it might make sense to you to use a certain word to search for a product on Google, it won’t necessarily be the phrase or word that is most often searched by others. Additionally, you may find it difficult to come up with variations of a keyword or phrase. Using a keyword research tool that helps you find the right keywords will help you become more effective at using Google and ranking higher in search results. The same goes for other product engines like Amazon and Etsy. Finding the right Amazon keyword research software will help your products move to the top of the list instead of getting buried in pages of search results.

Keyword research tools for Amazon can help you find products like yours and the words that people use to find them. These tools can show you how often these terms show up in searches, along with other phrases that are related. In creating content for your product descriptions, it’s important to use these keywords in natural ways throughout the description. It’s also crucial that you don’t keyword stuff and try to fit in more keywords than are natural or necessary.

Discover the Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords

So, you have a toaster you want to sell. If you don’t know what kind of people want to buy your toaster, it’ll be hard to come up with good keywords. You can just use the word toaster, but it’ll get lost in a sea of toasters. Long-tail keywords are phrases that people might use that incorporate the original keyword but adds more details.

Maybe someone wants to find a toaster for a modern kitchen. So the long form of the keyword would be something like “the best toasters for a modern kitchen.” Another option might be “toasters that look good in a rustic design.” These longer keyword phrases help you incorporate other information in your product listings.

Ask a Good Question

People love to ask questions. “Where do I find____?” “How do I do____?” “Who was the____?” If people are asking questions, you want your website or product to be the answer. A great way to get more people to your website is to ask questions and create a section on your site that is the answer to those queries.

Don’t Forget Local Keywords

When people visit a new location or they want to find something locally, local keywords help them out. Finding the best place to eat sushi in Los Angeles or the best trails to run on in East Texas is made possible because some business owners used local keywords for their products and businesses. Whether your business is local or you can ship anywhere, you can leverage local keywords for your benefit.

Using these tips should help you get better at researching keywords and finding the right ones to benefit your business and products whether you are on Google, Amazon, Etsy, or want to get found on them all.


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