Web Design: Why it’s Important for Your Brand and When You Should Invest


There is no denying the potency of web design in a brand-building context, as your site will be the digital representation of your organization as a whole, either winning over new customers or potentially pushing them towards rivals if it is sub-optimal.

With that in mind, here is a look at what good web design can do for your brand and when you should splash out on an upgrade for your existing site.

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Positive first impressions are vital

In many cases the first time that a prospective client encounters your brand will be when they arrive on your website, either after having clicked through from a search engine or perhaps by navigating over from a social media post.

Because of this, you need web design that is on-point so that their initial impressions are as positive as possible. Consumers can be fickle and if a site does not win them over in a matter of seconds, all of the rest of your efforts will be rendered irrelevant.

Outsourcing is an option

If you do not have the ability to overhaul your website in-house, you can look to design agencies like parachutedesign.ca to provide you with the expertise you need to succeed in this endeavor.

This is important not just because the pros will be able to overhaul the aesthetic aspects of your site, but will also be able to tinker behind the scenes to improve the technical aspects that are not immediately obvious but do contribute to the overall user experience.

For example, a well designed website should not just look the part but also needs to be optimized to rank highly on search engines like Google, otherwise it will not gain the traffic it needs to help your brand flourish in the first place.

Likewise you can use outsourcing to tune the performance of your site, ensuring that pages load quickly and appear in a well-organized way on all sorts of devices, from PCs to smartphones and beyond.

Competitors must be conquered

Perhaps the biggest indicator that it is time to revamp your website and invest in improvements to the branding impact that it delivers will be when you see rivals appearing higher up search engine results pages.

Search users tend to consider the authority and quality of a page directly linked to its search rank, so if you start slipping behind the pack then your problems will only snowball over time.

Good web design should be a key part of your overall digital marketing efforts, and if you take your current dominance for granted then you could quickly find that the competition has trumped you.

You can create consistency

Another top reason to revisit the design of your website and make changes to the way that branding is handled is because you can be in complete control of how your organization is portrayed in this context.

Ultimately you want to make sure that your brand identity is conveyed as consistently as possible, and investing in good web design will allow you to assess whether or not there are any areas that need improvement in this respect.


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