What to expect from a Clairaudience


Many regard Clairaudience as the ability to channel a vocal message from a higher being or the world of spirits. People that possess Clairaudience are able to focus their hearing past what many of us would hear in everyday life and bypass any level of awareness, to reach the world above and beyond. Clairaudients are able to tune out their own voice to hear others from the spirit world that may be transmitting messages to them.

What they receive from the spirit world may come in the form of specific words, phrases a name, or meaningless music or sounds. Voices can differ drastically to what we are used to in the normal world, and it may sound like it’s coming from nearby, echoing from another world, or even inside your head. The voice may echo that of passed loved ones, and it might be heard during times of disaster, a crossroads, an emergency, or some other time of importance. Phenomenal is the word that describes a Clairaudient dream, where, during sleep, the voice of a spirit can be heard, the dream is diverse and many find it difficult to describe.

Look for the signs

There are various signs you can look out for to know whether you possess the unique ability to be Clairaudient or not, with one of the most common being that you talk to yourself a lot. Let’s suppose you often hear an inner voice, you might have a conversation without even knowing it. Another common trait is someone who had an imaginary friend when they were younger, as children commonly have a much more solid connection with the spirit world than adults might. An imaginary friend is an image you think up in your mind, whereas in fact, it could be an audience trying to reach you.

Can anyone practise Clairaudience?

No, Clairaudience is regarded as a gift that someone is born with, and someone might not know they have it until later in life when a voice randomly echoes internally. Some may deny it, while others accept and acknowledge it. Others ponder the question to understand How does clairaudience help your mind, while others simply wish to embrace this extraordinary ability.

Much like learning to drive a car, practice makes perfect. Much like getting to know your new partner better, some choose to home in and really get to know their newfound ability. Like a relationship, you have no idea what certain behaviours could mean, and day by day you begin to recognise triggers and signs that bein to mean something to you, but you also know its only that person that reacts to that sign. It’s a little bit like a coded language between you and your partner, for example, say your other half curls up on the sofa next to you and always falls asleep, you know this is a sign they trust you and feels comfortable in your relationship.

Another example is when your partner shoots a certain look at you, only you know that they’re not in the best mood. Similarly, listening to your newfound spirit voice inside, you can begin to tap into the meaning of its Clairaudience.

Getting started with a Clairaudient

There are a wealth of people on this planet who have embraced and developed their Clairadient skills, and they use their abilities to help others to achieve a level of clarity they desire at places like Kasamba.

There are various resources which detail some of the best Clairaudients in your region, connecting you with the spirit world to receive messages and insights from the outside world about things to be aware of and potentially provide you with changes in direction you might focus on in your life. It’s not uncommon to leave a Clairaudience session having learnt about the reader’s experience, as you are free to ask them about any aspect of their abilities.


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