High Desert Education Service District Board Member Position Opening


The High Desert  Education Service District (HDESD) has an opening for the ‘business at large’ position on the board that is targeted at someone with broad business connections in Central Oregon and can provide our board prospective and insight from that sector.

Any candidate for that position will need to live in either Deschutes or Crook County for a year, be older than 18 and have a business sector experience. This is a volunteer position with a budget for conferences and continuing education to get new board members up to speed.

The position will be open for the month of May and will close on June 3. 

High Desert Education Service District Board Member Position Description

Overview: High Desert Education Service District (HDESD) board members provide governance, vision and strategic priorities for over 300 employees (over 1200 including substitute teachers) who provide outstanding service to our students, families, districts and regional partners in central Oregon. Board members are expected to prepare for and attend monthly board meetings, participate in committee assignments (e.g. finance, legislative), visit HDESD programs and seek opportunities to act as an ambassador for the HDESD. Regional and statewide professional development leadership activities are provided. Together with a very professional and dedicated staff, the HDESD board is committed to helping all children succeed through equity, excellence and efficiency.

Background: High Desert Education Service District is a publicly-funded educational agency that partners primarily with local school districts in Deschutes and Crook counties to provide high-quality, cost-effective and locally responsive education services at a regional level. Additionally, statewide contracts and fee-for-service expand the reach of the HDESD to 12 more counties in central and eastern Oregon. Examples of services include business, legal, and administrative support to school improvement efforts and special education and early childhood programs.

  • Vision: Be the state leader in providing quality services to schools, children and
  • Mission: Improve student outcomes with Excellence, Equity and

Nine Board Positions

Five elected by local school boards:

Redmond School District Sisters School District

Crook County School District

Bend-La Pine School District (1) Bend-La Pine School District (2)

Four appointed by the elected board members above:

At-Large Representative

Higher Education Representative

Term: Four years, starting in July

Business Community Representative Social Services Representative

Purpose: An education service district has one of the most important responsibilities in our society – helping school districts, community partners and families plan the education of the children in the community. Its decisions affect the lives of students and their parents, the livelihoods of those the ESD employs and the economic well-being of the community.

Board members must be willing to invest the time necessary (typically 5-8 hrs per month to include monthly board meetings/prep time, committee assignments and professional development opportunities) to stay abreast of issues and trends, understand and analyze data, examine and set priorities and stay connected with the community.

Board members come from diverse backgrounds, which gives the Board a variety of unique talents that work together to perform their collective duties as well as resolve various issues. Some members have served on district committees, come from business or education backgrounds or nonprofit organizations. It is the Board’s goal to have a Board that is representative of the stakeholders who reside in and are served by the HDESD.

Essential Functions:

  1. Policy-Making Authority – The Board establishes, reviews and updates rules and/or policies consistent with the rules of the State Board of Education and with state and federal
  2. Strategic Planning – The Board and superintendent set a strategic direction with annual goals to guide district operations and investments.
  3. Executive/Administrative Authority – The Board appoints a Superintendent and delegates them the authority to implement Board policy and The Board annually evaluates the Superintendent’s performance.
  4. Stay ‘above the line’ – The Board is charged with governance, long term strategic planning, fiduciary duties and setting The Board delegates day to day operations to the superintendent. The function of the Board and each director is to stay above the line and allow staff to figure out the best “how” for each policy or strategic direction that the board sets.
  5. Fiscal Accountability – The Board oversees the financial affairs of the district by adopting, authorizing, and appropriating the annual budget, and by proposing annual tax levies, local option or bond elections to provide for operation of programs, construction and maintenance or acquisition of ESD
  6. Collective Bargaining – The Board engages in the collective bargaining process to finalize labor contracts with the ESD’s personnel and will approve contracts with the different bargaining Board members may be assigned by the full Board to participate in contract negotiations.

Board members:

  1. Understand that the Board sets the standards for HDESD through Board Board members do not manage HDESD on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Understand that the Board makes decisions by a Individual Board members may not commit the Board to any action.
  3. Respect the right of other Board members to have opinions and ideas which
  4. Recognize that decisions are made by a quorum vote are final decisions of the
  5. Make decisions only after the facts are presented and
  6. Recognize that the Board shall comply with the Public Meetings Law and only has authority to make decisions at properly noticed Board meetings.
  7. Understand that Board members receive information that is confidential and cannot be
  8. Keep information discussed in executive session
  9. Recognize that the Superintendent is the Board’s employee and designated as the chief executive officer of the ESD and should be present at all meetings, except when the Board is considering the Superintendent’s evaluation, contract or salary.
  10. Take action only after hearing the superintendent’s
  11. Give the HDESD the respect and consideration due to skilled, professional
  12. Present personal criticism of HDESD operations to the superintendent, not to HDESD staff or at a Board
  13. Use social media, websites, or other electronic communication judiciously, respectfully, and in a manner that does not violate Oregon’s Public Meeting Laws.
  14. Treat and refer to other Board members, staff, students and the public with respect, and will not post confidential information about student, staff or HDESD business when posting online or to social media.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. 18 years of age or older, registered to vote at least 20 calendar days immediately preceding any
  2. Resident of represented area within the district for one year immediately preceding the election or Additionally, if district is zoned, the individual must meet requirements of ORS 332.124 – 332.126.
  3. Not an employee of the High Desert

Snapshot of HDESD Programs & Services

Appointed Application to Complete Business Term 2022



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