Why You Should Hire a Boutique Branding Design Agency


Big brands have spent many years chasing after large agencies to secure their positions in the market. Unfortunately, this comes at a high cost for organizations with countless employees, specific operational practices, and set procedures. There are other options from smaller firms, also known as boutique firms, who will work personally with you to reach your objectives and cost a great deal less.

At this point in time, you might be considering hiring a branding design company but do not even know if this is the right step for you. Even if it is, you have no idea where to start. While looking into why you need a designing company, you need to know that if you do not want to be wiped out by your competition, it’s imperative you have someone.

Branding design studios do things you can’t handle alone. These things include researching your niche, business, objectives, and message and consolidate these aspects into a single brand. This brand, in turn, becomes the story that tells consumers about who you are and what you do. The meaning of your company’s logo, website, unique branding style, and many other aspects are what help you communicate with your audience on a whole new level.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of working with smaller design companies and how they are successfully taking on the larger agencies such as San Francisco branding design firms.

Smaller Design Agencies Are Adaptable

Large design companies are like nations! They have their executive board, workers, and brokers.  They run on set structures and reporting systems that lock companies into their own set procedures and routines. Organizations or companies find they must adjust to the standards of these larger agencies.  On the other hand, smaller agencies can adapt to the way and timeline their clients prefer to work. A small agency is your ally and will offer you a service that will move ahead at a faster pace. They want your business and will work harder to get it because they do not have the enormous reputation enjoyed by large design companies. They will work with you to deliver the best results for your brand.

Smaller Branding Firms Guarantee Teamwork

Large agencies live for the pecking order that consists of directors, executives, and associates, causing a great deal of separation while these people dig and claw for everything they can get their hands on for more power. We have been in meetings with large agencies with 20 plus people who won’t even speak because they are bullied into submission. In turn, their creative abilities are buried.

Employees in smaller agencies work better together by sharing skills and ideas from other levels. The more experienced team members will share their creativity by offering guidance to junior members to help them develop their own great ideas. Teams will cross restraints and think alongside to form more creative ideas.  In many cases, a good idea will come from the most unexpected individual. In larger agencies, ideas do not surface in the same manner.

Working With Small Branding Firms Is A Personal Choice For The Best Results

Large agencies are piled in accountants, executives, strategists, creative teams, analysts, and directors. You will discover that literally dozens of people will be involved in your project. Every meeting will have different people which will lead to inconsistencies and make you feel like you are riding on a conveyor belt built for designing and creativity.

In a smaller branding agency, you are more likely to speak with real people who are actually working on your project vs accountants who are just overseeing it. Smaller agencies will hear what you have to say and appreciate your opinion instead of third parties who simply interpret your words. Small firms can turn your vision into images and words with products, packaging, and experiences. As a client, you will be totally involved in the project and an extremely important asset to help develop ideas that will really work for your brand.

Smaller Branding Design Agencies Are More Enthusiastic

If the agency you are presently working with has over 1,000 employees, it might seem awesome but keep in mind it does not mean they are all working on your project. Possibly, there will be a team of 15 people involved in your project but they will come with the huge price tag found in large agencies. In a smaller agency, you might have the same 15 people but with a higher percentage working on various projects at one time. In other words, you will get the same size team working for you but not at such a high price.

A Smaller Agency Will Save You Money

Smaller brand agencies will bring in experienced people from the outside when they need to develop a special team for a certain project.  The team might consist of web developers, writers, or strategists. That means you only pay for the people they need for your project. Larger agencies have more teams than they know what to do with to perform different operations along with a support team, large offices, and caterers, for high-end accounts. Although there are clients who love this idea,  it can prevent any decisions from being made while adding a lot of money to the project which will definitely come out of the client’s pocket.

To Wrap It Up

Even though large agencies have the manpower to take on the world, they do not have the flexibility, advancement, or offer affordable rates for most clients. They are not able to build a close relationship with their clients. They only offer a small portion of their team dealing with each client. Smaller brand design agencies will build closer bonds with their clients to help them get a grip on new branding techniques and how to use them.

This is a good time to sit back and think about what you want or need from a branding design studio. You should look beyond the so-called image of a large agency and think about the economics and flexibility of a smaller agency instead.


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